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Training Room: Learning through Interaction

By John Ferrare, Enerdynamics CEO

Through Enerdynamics’ 16+ years of producing and presenting business acumen education for the energy industry, we’ve learned that effective corporate training is about more than great content and engaging instructors. It is also about the vibrant effect that employees experience when they venture out of their traditional silo and step into an environment that encourages collaborative learning among professionals from many different backgrounds.

This scenario is true for internal training in which participants meet employees from different departments of their company, but it’s even truer for public training in which participants meet professionals from other organizations and other industry sectors. The result is employees who are better equipped to understand and communicate with multiple stakeholders and, subsequently, make better on-the-job decisions.

In our seminars, we often witness seminar participants having their first face-to-face interaction with an operations person. We’ve watched utility professionals sit down to lunch with marketers who work for a merchant generator, each party enjoying this rare opportunity for such discourse. The side discussions during our seminar breaks or before class are often just as valuable for learning as the class itself!

With this in mind, Enerdynamics is offering a week-long series of public seminars called Energy Essentials Week. Energy Essentials Week runs March 7-10 in Chicago and will offer six of Enerdynamics’ most popular instructor-led natural gas and electric courses all in one convenient location. The multiple-class format enhances opportunities for collaborative learning. And, Enerdynamics will host evening social hours so that participants can enjoy spending informal time with others from their classes and can meet those from other classes running the same week.

During Energy Essentials Week, each of the six courses is taught by a subject matter expert with vast industry experience and proven skills in clearly explaining the complexities of the gas or electric business. Among the courses offered during Energy Essentials Week are:

  • Electric Business Understanding, a "big picture" perspective of the dynamic and fast-
    paced electric industry; offered March 7-8

  • Electric Market Dynamics, an inside look at electric markets and services, and the
    strategies used in both regulated and competitive wholesale and retail markets; offered
    March 9-10

  • Renewable Energy Overview, an in-depth study of the fast-growing renewable electric
    generation industry; offered March 9

  • Fundamentals of Renewables Grid Integration, a one-day overview exploring the
    integration of high-penetration renewables onto electric grids; offered March 10

  • Gas Business Understanding, a "big picture" perspective of the dynamic and fast-paced
    natural gas industry; offered March 7-8

  • Gas Market Dynamics, an inside look at gas markets, the services sold in them and the
    strategies for success used by market participants; offered March 9-10

Attendees can take as few or as many courses as desired, but we are confident that no matter how many or which courses you or your employees select, each attendee will leave with a deeper understanding of the business side of the energy industry – and will leave with a new set of diverse business contacts!

We are very excited about Energy Essentials Week and all that it encompasses. If you have any questions about Energy Essentials Week, I invite you to contact me directly at 866-765-5432, email me at info@enerdynamics.com, or visit our website. Hope to see you this March in Chicago!

How to Register: Registration is simple! Click here and select which classes you want to attend…then pay using our secure online checkout. Early registration discounts equaling a $100 savings for one-day classes and a $200 savings for two-day classes are offered to those who register at least three weeks prior to a course's start date. With the discounts applied, one-day classes cost $695 per person while two-day classes are $1,190 per person. Attendees also are eligible for discounted room rate of $175 per night at the Omni Chicago Hotel during Energy Essentials Week.

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