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Training Room: Coming to a City Near You in 2013: Enerdynamics' Gas and Electric Public Seminars

By Enerdynamics Staff

Enerdynamics is proud to announce its line-up of 2013 public seminars aimed at helping energy industry professionals enhance their knowledge of the business aspects of electricity and natural gas. Our skilled instructors – each a subject matter expert in the electricity and/or natural gas fields – will present nine two-day seminars in four major U.S. cities throughout 2013 (see line-up below). 


Each seminar offers the opportunity for employees in all areas of the energy industry – legal, finance, marketing, IT, system operations, and more – to learn the business of electricity or natural gas in an interactive, easy-to-understand format. Seminars typically are limited to 30 attendees to allow for class participation and in-depth question-and-answer sessions.


Those in the ever-evolving electric business can learn about how deregulation, advancements in smart grid technology, and new infrastructure investment have led to unprecedented industry opportunities. The natural gas business is rapidly changing as well, and with climate change issues at the forefront of both national and international agendas, natural gas is poised to increase in both market share and importance. Enerdynamics’ public seminars will help you, your staff, or your colleagues gain a true understanding of industry fundamentals, markets, the physical system, and how they all tie together to affect the business environment in which you work every day.


Below is a list of 2013 seminars. Click on the seminar title for a detailed outline of course content.



Electric Business Understanding
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the business of electricity and how you and your company fit into the big picture. If you are new to the electricity industry, or even a veteran wanting more details on how all the pieces fit together, Electric Business Understanding helps you connect the dots to make sense out of this complex and rapidly changing business.


Dates and locations:

March 25-26, Chicago (Omni Chicago Hotel)
May 15-16, Houston (Magnolia Hotel)
October 30-31, Chicago (Omni Chicago Hotel)
December 4-5, Washington, DC (Dupont Circle Hotel)



Electric Market Dynamics
Explore the intricacies of U.S. electric markets; how services are bought, sold, and priced in ISO and utility markets; the opportunities and risks that market participants encounter; and the strategies they employ to manage risk and achieve success.


Dates and locations:

March 27-28, Chicago (Omni Chicago Hotel)



Gas and Electric Business Understanding
Delve into the business of natural gas and electricity, how the physical systems are designed and operated, the relationship between the two industries, the market players and how they are regulated, how you and your company fit into the big picture, and the trends that will change the industries as you progress in your career.


Dates and locations:

March 6-7, New York City (The Roosevelt Hotel)



Gas Business Understanding
Learn about the various types of gas customers and how their needs are served, sources of natural gas, the physical system and how it's operated, why and how the industry is regulated and how restructuring of the industry has affected the marketplace, what types of risks energy companies encounter and how they mitigate them, how natural gas markets work and prices are set, and much more.


Dates and locations:

May 13-14, Houston  (Magnolia Hotel)
October 28-29, Chicago (Omni Chicago Hotel)



Gas Market Dynamics
Gain an in-depth understanding of today's natural markets. You will also learn the basics of wholesale trading and retail marketing, the supply and demand situation in North America, how gas services are priced and sold, as well as the risks that market participants encounter and the strategies they employ to manage risk and achieve success.


Dates and locations:

October 16-17, Houston (Magnolia Hotel)



All two-day seminars are $1,490 per attendee but a $200 earlybird discount is offered to those who register at least three weeks prior to a seminar’s start date. Seminars include breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack each day as well as an evening networking social/reception on the first day.


Groups are encouraged to attend. For every three people who attend from the same company, a fourth person’s registration is free! We also offer special pre-paid voucher pricing for 10 or more seats that are then valid for any future Enerdynamics seminar.


For more details on Enerdynamics’ public seminar offerings, visit our website or call John Ferrare at 866-765-5432. All seminars are also available at your company site. Contact us for more information on this option.

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