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Training Room: Infographics help unravel the complexities of the data-driven energy industry

By John Ferrare, Enerdynamics CEO

Have you ever seen data that you know is relevent to your job but is displayed in a way that requires a translator for you to understand it? Unfortunately, for those who work in the complex energy industry, the answer is likely a resounding yes.


One of the primary reasons for our success at Enerdynamics is our ability to take complicated ideas and present them in ways that laypeople can understand. In an industry still dominated by engineers, this is especially important.


When we write books or online training scripts, we often work with subject matter experts (SMEs) who are engineers. Typically we start with techincal engineering-style language that would make the layperson’s head spin — I know because I’m one of them! But slowly, after refining as many as a dozen drafts and lots of going back and forth, an explanation of a concept emerges that satisfies both the engineers and me. The information presented is accurate enough for the engineer SMEs but is simple and straightforward enough that non-engineers (i.e., laypeople like me) can easily understand it.


Showing data visually is a similar challenge. To highlight this, we recently tackled a project that has been on our to-do list for quite awhile. In many of our instructor-led courses we use a chart from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) that shows how electricity flows from fuel input to consumption by various customer classes and categories. I’ve always found this chart fascinating yet extremely difficult to understand without translation.


So with the help our graphics team, we decided to translate this chart into something understandable, useful, and graphically appealing. The before and after are included below (and we are including a link where you can download the infographic for your own use). This is just one example of how Enerdynamics is able to take what appears to be complicated data and graphically show it in a way that any of us can understand.


This is our goal with all Enerdynamics training products. The energy industry can be a complex and confusing world, even for those who’ve spent decades in it. Our job is to make understanding this world a little bit easier for all. Hope you enjoy the graphic!




Original chart available from EIA (click on image to enlarge):




New infographic by Enerdynamics (click here to download):




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