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Training Room: Energy Currents Provides Expert Insight into Industry Topics and Trends

by Enerdynamics Staff


If you're reading this issue of Energy Insider, chances are you enjoy keeping up on the latest energy industry news and views. Did you know Enerdynamics' blog, Energy Currents, delivers similar content three to four times per month? We strive to cover all aspects of the energy industry — from natural gas to electricity to renewable technologies that are shaping the industry's future. Our articles explore a range of issues including markets, regulation, technology, physical systems, and much more.


Authors are subject matter experts who often are those we enlist as facilitators for Enerdynamics' live seminars.


As we near our 250th post since launching Energy Currents in January 2011, we thought we'd look back at 10 of our most popular posts and remind readers that our blog content can be shared for editorial and educational use free of charge so long as Enerdynamics and the blog post author are properly credited. And we encourage you to forward this information on to any of your employees or colleagues who may benefit from it.



  1. Natural Gas Wellhead: What It Does and How It Works

  2. Capacity Factor – A Key Determinant of the Value of a Power Plant

  3. Why FERC Order 1000 is a Big Deal in the Electric Industry

  4. The Natural Gas Fracking Debate: What Is Fracking and Why Does It Matter?

  5. Supply, Demand, and the Weather: More Reasons for Low Natural Gas Prices

  6. Demand Side Management and Its Impact on Wholesale Electricity Markets

  7. Energy Efficiency – Real Usage Reductions or Simply a Mirage?

  8. What is a Reasonable Rate of Return on Utility Infrastructure?

  9. Will the Actions of Six Countries Determine the Future of Carbon Emissions?

  10. How to Understand Electric Market Structures



We invite you to visit Energy Currents, bookmark it, and follow it regularly if you don't already. If you have suggestions for future topics, email us or call us at 866-765-5432 ext. 700.


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